Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Post 4: MADtv iRack Video

      If I were to relate this video to one or more of the four notions, I would choose The Notion of Progress, Forms of Power and Spaces and Exchanges and Myths and heroes. Firstly The Notion of Progress because this video uses the example of Apple technologies to criticise the war in Irak. So we can talk about the progress in technology, with the example of Apple. We can then also relate it to the notion Forms of Power, because it's criticising the United States declaring war in Irak after 09/11, and how it's leading nowhere, it's costing money and killing American soldiers. So we can see a criticism of the U.S.A's power. We can relate this video to the notion Spaces and Exchanges, because as said previously it talks about the war in Irak, and thus we can see geographical references in this video. Finally we can relate to the notion Myths and Heroes because two "heroes" are caricatured in this video, Steve Jobs and George W. Bush.

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  1. Pretty well done but please self-correct the following part of a sentence which does not make real sense and is syntaxically deficient:
    a criticising the U.S.A's power /