Wednesday, 4 December 2013


             Having already seen this movie, I already know what it's about. So I promise not to spoil anything about the movie. This film directed by Sean Penn and based on a real story, is all about the desire to escape and return to the most basic ans natural lifestyle. Basically, the main character is escapng from society, deconnecting from everything and everyone, and leaving everything of his previous life behind. He is on a journey, a search for a place where he can just live a plain, non materialistic life. We can thus relate this movie to two of the four notions: spaces and exchanges, and the idea of progress. Firstly, the notion of spaces and exchanges, because this movie is all about travel, escape and a journey to find the ideal place to be in direct contact with nature and not be disturbed by civilisation. The main character also meets several very interesting and diverses individuals, which leads back to exchanges. The idea of progress is also present in this movie, because as said previously, this character wants to run away from the modern world, from the society that he lives in. He wants to go back to simpler times, to live in complete isolation, and he believes, like the French philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau, that man is best when in his natural surroundings. Meaning that he is sick of people, and their materialistic ways, and believes that to be happy, he must reconnect with nature.

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  1. OK Hugo but you left out the 'Myths & Heroes' notion through which Sean Penn illustrates the myth of the 'noble/good savage'.
    Other than that, your paragraph is well expressed except for the word 'disconnected' which should have been used instead of the strangely-spelt, non-existent word that you used...